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LIVE! At the Tractor

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LIVE! At the Tractor

Released 2005

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What a great trip it has been!

We got things started with the first incarnation of Wylie & the Wild West at Ronnie Mack’s Barn Dance at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood back in 1989. It was the same deal back then as it is now −try to win a crowd with good music and make ‘em feel like they’ve got their money’s worth. My idea about playing live music has pretty much been the same since I started playing in high school dance bands in the mid 70's −be an entertainer. It all started as I watched Chuck Berry on T.V. one night as he duck walked, strutted, kicked and grooved across the stage while never missing a beat. Now that was entertainment! So I picked up my Dad’s beat up old Epiphone and started strumming along to most any record in my family’s record collection. My brother started a rock n’ roll band and was on the lookout for a cheap bass player. I ordered a bass through the mail, and before I could say “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” I was in front of a crowd that wanted to see a show.

I am really proud of the band that makes up the Wild West. They are a hard-working crew that has made the sacrifices of the road time and time again. Over the past 15 years the band has performed on four continents in thousands of gigs. We’ve never had a hit record, but that hasn’t slowed us down a bit. It’s never been about making perfect music that’s all in tune and slicked up. It’s more about rockin’, rollin’, swingin’ and yodelin’ while trying to pluck that emotional note that you can’t get anywhere else but in front of a LIVE! audience. We have tried to keep the spirit of our performance at the Tractor Tavern real by not doctoring things up in the mix. Here it is: trail dust, hair, mystery notes and all.

Happy listening!


1. Whoop Up Trail
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
2. Yodeling Cowhand
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
3. Act Naturally
(Russell/Morrison, Sony/ATV Tree Publishing/BMI)
4. A Good One
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
5. The Little Red Hen
(Traditional, arrangement by Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
6. When I’m Ridin’ I’m Right
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
7. The Two Things in Life
(Gary McMahan, Yodelin’ Yahoo Music/BMI)
8. Miles and Miles of Texas
(Camfield/Johnson, Universal Songs of Polygram IN/BMI)
9. Swinging on a Star
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)>
10. Ol Montan
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
11. Forty Miles of Bad Road
(Eddy/Casey, Unichappell Music Inc./BMI)
12. To Her
(Wylie Gustafson/W.Ogilvie, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
13. Branded
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
14. Buffalo Gals
(Traditional, arrangement by Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
15. Yodeling Fool
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)
16. The Gather
(Wylie Gustafson, Two Medicine Music/BMI)

The band:
Ray Doyle - harmony vocals, guitar, baritone guitar,Vox mando-guitar
T. Scot Wilburn - steel guitar, guitar, & fiddle
David Reynolds - drums
Wylie Galt Gustafson- vocals, acoustic guitar

Produced by Wylie Galt Gustafson
Engineered by PJ Newman
Mixed by PJ Newman & Wylie Gustafson

Special thanks to:
Dan Cowan & the Tractor Tavern crew, PJ Newman, Brian Barnett and Nimble Productions, Victoria Watt Warshaw, John Swift, Kiki and Morgan, Scott O’Malley & Associates, Chris Jenkins Guitars, Mike Conklin Guitars, Tacoma Guitars, Gore Elixir Strings, Tomkins Electric Guitars, and Carhartt.

Photo credits:
Front cover: Jerome Dorsival, Equiblues Festival, St. Agreve, France Back cover: Bob Inouye
Inside band images: Jon Hawley

Recorded live October 8, 2004, at the Tractor Tavern, Seattle, Wash.

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