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Raven on the Wind


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Raven On The Wind

Released: January 2011
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Let me tell you of the energy behind Raven on the Wind ...

When I write songs, I really try to strike the balance between good old tradition and the West's innate trait of forging ahead into new territory.
My favorite Western song writers, book writers, and artists have always uncovered the West's true identity by throwing off the superficial, expected layers and digging deep into what makes our way of life so unique. The West is so colorful and vibrant. What makes it so enchanting to me is this hybrid of existence that draws its sustenance from so many different streams.

I grew up in an era of music that was morphing so fast! All the great sounds and rhythms of the 60s and 70s are what drew me to love music, that and having my dad sing all those earthy folk and cowboys songs in the family living room. I was lucky to grow up with such musical diversity. It is only natural that the medley of sounds shows up on my recordings. Amongst these 12 songs you will hear Chuck Berry licks against cowboy chords.

I still hang out with some of the toughest ranahans in cowboydom. When I peek into their CD collection, I am always amazed: Jimmy Reed, CCR, Simon and Garfunkel, AC/DC, Bob Marley, the Stones. It's an ever-eclectic mix of sounds and soul. To me, that is what the West is all about. Out here, to be an individual is the highest calling. Sheep are disdained. Our life is unpredictable. It's wild, it's laid back, it's doctoring a Tasmanian Devil of a steer, it's idyllic mornings along a stream bank, it's Classical, it's a waltz, it's fast and furious, it's Rock n Roll, and everything in between.

Let yourself go like a Raven on the Wind.

Wylie Galt Gustafson
December 15, 2010

1. Punchy
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
2. Raven on the Wind
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
3. Circle
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
Paul Zarzyski—Bucking Horse Moon Music (ASCAP)
4. The Maestro
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
Paul Zarzyski—Bucking Horse Moon Music (ASCAP)
5. Horseback Cadillac
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
6. The Hills of Almota
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
7. I Believe in Love
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
8. Rip This Joint
Mick Jagger/Keith Richards—EMI Music Publishing
9. Hi-Line Polka
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
10. Wicked Kiss
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
Paul Zarzyski—Bucking Horse Moon Music (ASCAP)
11. Wild Mustang
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
12. Sweet Old Song
Wylie Gustafson—Two Medicine Music (BMI)
Paul Zarzyski—Bucking Horse Moon Music (ASCAP)

Recorded at Sidekick Sound Studios, Nashville, Tenn.
December 1-3, 2010
Produced by Dennis Crouch
Engineered by Mark Thornton
Mixed by Larry Marrs

Dennis Crouch: Upright bass
John Gardner: Drums and percussion
Russ Pahl: Electric, acoustic, steel, and resonator guitars, jaw harp
Jeff Taylor: Accordion, pianos
Mark Thornton: Gut-string guitar
Larry Marrs: Harmony vocals
Wylie Galt Gustafson: Vocals, guitar
Paul Zarzyski: “Yahs”

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