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  • Artist: Wylie & the Wild West
  • Music Genre: Americana

Wylie writes of the new project:

For as long as I can remember, music has always been connected with the impulse to move… to get up and dance…to celebrate life. Among my earliest memories of childhood are Dad playing the guitar in our spacious living room with Mom, my three older brothers and our sole sister as the enthralled audience. Dad thrummed his old F-hole Epiphone with a bouncing right hand as we skipped and waltzed the length of the house…each brother waiting on the sidelines to take turns dancing with our good natured sis. Mom chirped harmonies and clapped her hands in a cadence of approval. The power of music was in us all.

As a child of the sixties, I grew up in musical kaleidoscope of ever morphing genres. Folk, rock, country and pop were crowding the airwaves with the unbridled FM radio format and the plethora of evening TV variety shows. I was a Montana ranch kid with the gate of pop culture being thrown wide open to my eager eyes, ears and soul.

And so, with this album I am drawn like a moth to the flame, to a time and place where the music still dances, drums and drives…where the boundaries of genre are irrelevant. After a period of major life changes, I feel a renewal…the urge to cut loose and dance again. I am propelled forward by the explosions of rhythms, melodies and grooves that over the years have been deeply etched into my character. The musical universe is still expanding at the speed of light. Hop on and take a spin with me on “Rocketbsuter”!


1. Buck Up and Huck It
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
2. 5 Days to Friday
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
3. True Love Ways
(Buddy Holly, Norman Petty) Peer International Corp., BMI
4. Rocketbuster Boots
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
5. 200 Ton
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
6. Willing Horse
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
7. Montana Love Song
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
8. Yo Yo Ma
(Grimes, Kimbrough, Womack, Meyer) Weona Music BMI
9. Ugly Girl Blues
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
10. Yodel Man
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
11. Old Blue
(Erik Gustafson, Wylie Gustafson) Two Medicine Music BMI
12. Got My Yodeler Goin’
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
13. Summer Leases
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI
14. Houlihan
(W. Gustafson) Two Medicine Music, BMI

Recorded at Sidekick Sound Studios, Nashville, Tenn.
November 29 – December 3, 2011
Produced by Wylie Gustafson

Engineered by Mark Thornton
Mixed by Larry Marrs

Dennis Crouch: Upright bass
John Gardner: Drums and percussion
Erik Gustafson: Electric guitar, harmonica, harmony vocals
Tony Harrell: Accordion, pianos
Mark Thornton: Gut-string guitar,
Larry Marrs: Harmony vocals
Robby Turner: Steel guitar
Wylie Galt Gustafson: Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars

Cover image: Graphic design by George Garfio, from photos by Thomas Lee (www.thomasleephoto.com), all rights reserved. Tray photo by Ross Hecox for Western Horseman.
Special thanks:
Amber Gustafson; Rick Bryceson; Shane Queener; Ray Doyle; Scot Wilburn; Western Folklife Center; National Council for the Traditional Arts; Carhartt and Debbie Tarys; Elixir Strings; TJ Wald; Margo Metegrano at www.CowboyPoetry.com; the good folks whom I forgot to thank; and as always, the listeners of our music.

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