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Total Yodel!


Sold Out


Total Yodel!

Released 1998 - SOLD OUT!

Soon you will be able to listen to previews and purchase Total Yodel! individual mp3s.

"If you will allow yourself to fantasize and daydream about days gone by, put Total Yodel! in your stereo system and slip into your favorite chair, close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Soon you will be relaxing around the campfire under a sky filled with stars. This CD will let you escape the 21st century to a more simple time. A time when true emotion and feelings can be expressed in a song."
−Bob Whittaker
Grand Ole Opry President & General Manager

"Nobody likes good yodelin' but the folks and there's folks everywhere and I don't think there is anyone today that can top Wylie's yodelin' ability. There are several different yodelin' styles and ol' Wylie has got em all down pat. He'll give you some Jimmie Rodgers, Elton Britt, Slim Whitman, Hank Williams, Roy Rogers, and once in a while he'll get high enough to sound a little like Patsy Montana and Rosalie Allen. Total Yodel! is a collection of classic yodelin' songs and some real dandies that Wylie has written. If you like good singin'...good yodelin'...and good songs Total Yodel! is one more you need in your collection."
−Larry Scott,
WBAP, Fort Worth, Texas

Yodeling ... something you just don't get to hear much of nowadays. A lost art that deserves to be resurrected and echoed far and loud. It was born somewhere in the Bavarian Alps and somehow ended up on American shores dressed up in the form of a Jimmie Rodgers verse-ending refrain, an Elton Britt stratospheric free-for-all, or a tearful Slim Whitman vocal break. It can be happy, it can be lonesome ... it's always soulful. On a cool autumn day in Nashville, the band and I holed up in a cozy studio and laid down an album's worth of the stuff that good ol' country & Western music is made of. Hope ya like it!

1. Ol' Montan 2:58
(Wylie Gustafson/BMI)
2. Rose-Marie 3:12
(Friml, Hammerstein, Harbach/ASCAP)
3. When the Cactus is in Bloom 2:43
(J. Rodgers/BMI)
4. Big Sky Lullaby 2:22
(Wylie Gustafson/BMI)
5. Lovesick Blues 2:34
(Friend, Mills/ASCAP)
6. Teardrops in my Heart 2:49
(V. Horton/ASCAP)
7. Blue Yodel No. 1/T for Texas 3:29
(J. Rodgers/BMI)
8. Chime Bells 2:47
(Miller, Britt/ASCAP)
9. Waiting for a Train 2:42
(J. Rodgers/BMI)
10. Cowpoke 3:32
(S. Jones/ASCAP)
11. Yodeling Fool 3:27
(Wylie Gustafson/BMI)

Wylie Gustafson - vocals, acoustic guitar
Mark Thornton - electric guitar, gut-string guitar
Dennis Crouch - upright bass
John McTigue III - drums
Carco Clave - steel guitar
Renae Truex - fiddle

Recorded at Ol' Bunkhouse Studio, Nashville, Tenn.
Produced by Wylie Gustafson
Engineered & Mixed by Mark Thornton
Photography: Bill Watts

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