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Yodel Boogie!


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Yodel Boogie!

Released November 2008

Soon you will be able to listen to previews and purchase Yodel Boogie individual mp3s.

~ A day without yodeling is like a day without sunshine ~

"Wylie Gustafson’s yodel is distinctly American, building on a legacy that includes Elton Britt, Roy Rogers, and his own father, Rib Gustafson. His is the call of the cowboy: deep in the prairie, astride his horse, up on the stage. It is his passion for this tradition that has led to his yodel being heard by more ears than any other in history, reaffirming this expressive vocal art in American music."
−Joshua Kohn, National Council for the Traditional Arts

“Wylie’s yodel is the call of the real West: clear, true, and wild. A cultural ambassador of cool, Wylie ignites audiences−young, not so, Western, and urban alike−as he blazes a hot musical trail that heads way, way out West.”
−Margo Metegrano, Editor CowboyPoetry.com

Howdy Wild West fans,
The most frequently asked question at our CD table after a performances is, "Which CD has the most yodeling on it?"

Well, by golly, we have to keep you yodel hounds happy! To satisfy the discerning palates of those who love “the yodel,” we’ve assembled this assortment of flavors: some fast, some slow, some happy, and some sad. Think of it as a musical adventure via the high art of yodeling. Happy listening! −Wylie Gustfson

1. Yodel Boogie
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)
2. Cowpoke
S. Jones/Stanley Music Co. (ASCAP)
3. Whip out a Yodel
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)
4. Eltopia Yodel
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)
5. Yodeling My Blues Away
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)
6. Chime Bells
Miller-Britt/MCA Inc. (ASCAP)
7. Cannonball Yodel
Elton Britt/Billy Bell/Lou Shelly/Mickey Stoner/R.F.D. Music Publishing Co. Inc. (ASCAP)
8. Yodeling Cowhand
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)
9. Ol Montan
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)
10. Odessa Yodel
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)
11. Uber Yodel
W. Gustafson, Two Medicine (BMI)

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